Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Angel Blog Hop - "All Wrapped Up"

This has been a fun event to get ready for - I just wish I had more time.  It's been a very busy week especially with my mom having to go to the emergency room on Monday and the challenges at work.  I had to come up with some ideas quickly in order to get these projects up and running on time.

This event was planned so that a group of us Angels could share some of our ideas for wrapping Christmas presents using products from The Angel Company.  Due to my time constraints this year I need to keep things as simple as possible.  Shown below are some of the ideas I came up with.  It was so much fun decorating my own packages this year and I plan on doing more (hopefully). 

I love the "Reece" cardstock which is what I used for most of these projects.  I used an aluminum round canister; a little white box shaped like a purse (so cute); a 4x4"square box and another box that I thought would be fun to hold gift cards.  Please check out the links listed below for the other angels that participated in this blog hop and you'll find some great ideas.  Enjoy!!  Merry Christmas!!!






Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Joy of Christmas Cards

I was hoping I could post photos of my latest contest entry (that didn't win) and ended up cropping out the best part of the project. In other words - you will only be able to see two of the cards that were stored inside the really cute tote. The tote was so CUTE!! 

I only have photos of two of the cards so you can't really see the whole contest entry. 
These cards were quick and easy to make. I used the "Ornamental Joy" stamp; "Amelia" cardstock from the Soar With It Collection and just added some bling.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beta Bob and Bubbles

I have been having so much fun watching my Beta fish the last couple of months.  I named him Beta Bob.  It turns out that Beta Bob is a very happy Beta.  The reason I know that is because of all the bubbles on the side of his fish bowl. 

From the research I have done about this phenomenon its all about the following:

1.  It's the male beta's that create all these bubbles.
2.  It's because he is happy.
3.  He's hoping to win the heart of a female Beta (if only for a brief moment in time).
4.  The bubbles hide the babies.

Ironically he thinks I am his kindred spirit.  Makes me chuckle to think about it.  Anyway - I took some photos and thought it would be fun to share them with you.  What do you think??  I wonder how long it took Beta Bob to create all those bubbles??  I should have timed him. 

Altered Wooden Plaque

On September 1st I posted a sneak peak of a wooden plaque that I was going to alter. I realized a little earlier today that I never posted the final project. This is one of those wooden plaques that you can find in the dollar bin at the local craft stores. This plaque is 4"x 6.25". 

I covered the front of the plaque with Mia's Cottage Cardstock using Mod Podge to attach it to the wood.  I used the butterfly stamp from the "Want to Fly" set and "Life is An Ongoing Adventure" from the "Life Thoughts" set. The stamp sets and cardstock are from The Angel Company.  I stamped the butterfly again and cut it out and used mounting tape to pop it up to give it some dimension.  And last but not least - lots of bling on the flowers. As you can see I have photos of the original wooden plaque and the finished project. Thanks so much for looking!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Altered Box for a Little Boys Treasures

This is a wooden box that I altered for a co-workers little boy.  My youngest grandson always loved boxes and all types of storage containers when he was smaller which is what gave me the idea for this box. 

My co-workers son is 3 years old and has lots of little treasures that he carries with him where ever he goes.  So I decided to make this box as sturdy as possible for his little hands. 

I painted the box and then used Mod Podge to attach the cardstock to the front lid and to the inside of the box.  I used the cardstock from the TAC Hip Hop collection.  Once everything was dry I applied a couple more coats of Mod Podge to help seal and protect the box. 

Fortunately the box was a hit with the little boy and his mom says he takes it every where he goes.  To me - there's no better compliment than that.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Princess Belle

This adorable little Pomeranian is Princess Belle (that's the name I gave her).  Originally she was raised by a breeder that kept her in a room for over seven years and once she became to old to have more babies the breeder got rid of her.  Princess Belle was rescued by an acquaintance of a co-worker of mine.  When I first saw her it was love at first sight and Princess Belle came home with me that same day.

I was amazed at how sweet Princess Belle was especially after she had gone through such tragic circumstances for most of her life.  Unfortunately due to her having been so sheltered she was terrified of every noise and the kids that lived above me were extremely loud.  Princess Belle was a nervous wreck and eventually I had to give her back temporarily to the acquaintance that had rescued her until I moved out of my apartment. 

I finally moved to another home with a yard but the acquaintance wouldn't honor her promise to me and I never saw Princess Belle again.  I think of her often and my prayer is that she has a happy life.

I came across this little card album that I made with some of these photos of Princess Belle.  The cardstock is from the "Mimi" collection which is now called "More Mimi".  The stamps are from the "Yield to the Princess" set.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost A TAC Contest Entry

I love to enter The Angel Company Monthly Contests.  I decided to enter the "All I Want for Christmas" category and made this book.  I thought it would be fun to make a book using the "Christmas Wish List" stamp set that would help keep track of my family and friend's Christmas wish list ideas. 

I used my new favorite cardstock "Reece".  Ironically just before I left for the Post Office to mail it I had this horrible thought - I had used a retired stamp set.  I was so sad.  I found out that my thoughts were correct and I couldn't send it in.  I'm trying to focus on the positive side - at least I still get to keep it and can use it this Christmas. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Hello - TP Album

I'm trying to remember when I first saw an adorable album that was made using empty toilet paper rolls. I decided to make one today and it was so much fun.  All supplies used are from The Angel Company.  FYI - I used beige cardstock for the inside tags however they appear more white from scanning.  The cardstock I used is call "Reece" (I love it) and the stamps are called "Life Thoughts", "Sail Away" and "Be Square".  I really love these owls - they are just adorable. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Altered Key Chains - Holiday Craft Bazaar

Wow!!  It's hard to believe that its been almost a month since I have added anything to my blog.  I have been extremely busy making lots of projects for a Holiday Craft Bazaar that I was a part of last weekend.  I decided to share a few of the altered key chains that I made to sell. These are super quick and easy to make and they were a huge hit at the craft bazaar.  All supplies used are from The Angel Company.  These photographs show the front and back of each key chain. As soon as I have a chance to go through the rest of the photographs of the items I made I will post them.  Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Altered Bird House and September TAC Contest Winner

This is a small wooden bird house that I finally took the time to play with and altered.  I love the finished project.  I used cardstock from the Mia's Cottage Collection from The Angel Company, acrylic paint and buttons.  This really is a quick and easy project. 
I also found out earlier today that I was one of the September contest winners for The Angel Company.  I've included the link - I hope you will take a moment and check out my winning entry and the other contest winner projects as well.

Thanks for looking!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Altered Coasters

These are some old ceramic coasters that I found at a thrift store. I scooped them up and finally decided to take the leap and altered them. I am really torn on whether I am totally happy with the finished project or not. The coasters on the top right and bottom left are my favorites. I kind of wish I had stamped more images on the other two. I can't make any changes now but that's okay. I will probably use them as paper weights anyway. Your thoughts??

The TAC products used in this project are:
"Amberley Grace" cardstock from the Soar With It Collection
"Swirlies" stamp set
"Life Thoughts" stamp set
Palette Ink - Burnt Umber

and finally Mod Podge to seal the tops and sides of each coaster.

Friday, September 4, 2009

100% Boy

I finally got this old canister altered this afternoon. All products (except the canister) are from The Angel Company. I used the following products:
Kaleidoscope Boyz Cardstock (V921)
Hoppy Everything Stamp Set (T2732)
Wonder Tape (F241)
Palette Noir Ink (T220)
Miscellaneous red ribbon.
I wrapped the paper around the canister using Wonder Tape. I attached the red ribbon around edge of lid. I stamped the little frog on green cardstock, cut him out and attached him to the bottom of the canister using mounting tape. I used the cardstock stickers to spell out my grandson's name. I think it turned out really cute. What do you think??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Altered Recipe Box #2

This is another recipe box that I altered last weekend. Although this box was already cute with the bird on it I really wanted to change the look with some pretty cardstock. but I decided I really wanted to use some TAC papers instead. I attached the cardstock to the box with Wonder. Stamped with images on cardstock and punched them out. Attached to box and added the button.
This really is a quick and easy project. I think I will finish altering all the other boxes I have and use them at workshops.
TAC Products Used:
"Angelee" Cardstock from the Soar With It Collection
"All Things of Nature" - Stamp Set
"Life Thoughts" - Stamp Set
"Jumbo Java" - Versa Magic Ink
Mega Scalloped Circle Punch
Giga Scalloped Circle Punch
Wonder Tape
Miscellaneous Products:
Recipe Box

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Altered Recipe Box

Here are before and after photographs of another item I altered this past weekend. This is a recipe box that I found on clearance for 50 cents a while ago. I thought it would be fun to give it a new look. I decided not to use any stamps and just use cardstock and miscellaneous items. This is another quick and easy project. I had so much fun making this one that I made another one which I will post at another time. I just wish this cardstock wasn't discontinued.

A Sneak Peek.....

Here is a before photo of something that I altered this past weekend. I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek at this before I post the finished project in a few days. This is another dollar item I found at a craft store (a long time ago) that I have been wanting to alter. I just haven't taken the time to do it. In case you can't tell what this item is - it is a 4.25" by 6.25" wooden placque. I think the princess is cute but I am really excited about my finished project and can't wait to share it with you. This was a quick and easy project.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Workshop Gift Ideas

I've been wanting to create some little projects that I can use as thank you gifts at my workshops. I decided to alter some 2010 planners that I found at a craft store.
TAC Products Used:
"Willoughby" cardstock from the Soar With It Collection"
"All Things Of Nature" stamp set.
"Just Because" stamp set.
"Jumbo Java" Ink from Versa Magic
Mega Scalloped Circle Punch
Giga Scalloped Circle Punch
The small containers I also found at craft store and are 2" tall & 2" in diameter. I wrapped them in cardstock using Wonder Tape and added some bling to the flowers and circles.
TAC Products Used:
"Mia's Cottage" from the Soar With It Collection
Miscellaneous Products:
Small White Container
"More Mimi" Cardstock" from the Soar With It Collection.
Miscellaneous buttons and ribbon and silver container.
Only problem is that I regret not getting more of these containers before they were gone.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

and ends with this ..... (Part One)

This is the first of two wooden coaster sets that I am making albums out of. I will share the second one as soon as it is finished. The original post was on August 8th showing what the wooden coasters looked like before I altered them.
The biggest challenge was having to decide which photographs of Hercules I was going to use. My goal was to try and tell a story of his typical day with the photographs as much as possible. It was disappointing that I couldn't use all of them but some are better than none. There was very little wiggle room in the coaster holder itself so I wasn't able to use any embellishments on the coasters.
This is still an album that makes me smile because Hercules is my sweet little co-pilot. The rest of the photographs are below.
Thanks for looking at this altered project and I hope you will come back soon!!

and ends with this..... (Part Two)

I think the last photo is one of my favorites. Even though I wasn't able to get a photograph of his face I think this photo still shows how he is just soaking up everything that is going on around him. The sun is setting in front of him as he sits there looking around his own little kingdom of joy. He loves his back yard and it's as if he is saying a prayer of thanks each night as he takes one final look before coming indoors for the evening.