Saturday, October 31, 2009

Princess Belle

This adorable little Pomeranian is Princess Belle (that's the name I gave her).  Originally she was raised by a breeder that kept her in a room for over seven years and once she became to old to have more babies the breeder got rid of her.  Princess Belle was rescued by an acquaintance of a co-worker of mine.  When I first saw her it was love at first sight and Princess Belle came home with me that same day.

I was amazed at how sweet Princess Belle was especially after she had gone through such tragic circumstances for most of her life.  Unfortunately due to her having been so sheltered she was terrified of every noise and the kids that lived above me were extremely loud.  Princess Belle was a nervous wreck and eventually I had to give her back temporarily to the acquaintance that had rescued her until I moved out of my apartment. 

I finally moved to another home with a yard but the acquaintance wouldn't honor her promise to me and I never saw Princess Belle again.  I think of her often and my prayer is that she has a happy life.

I came across this little card album that I made with some of these photos of Princess Belle.  The cardstock is from the "Mimi" collection which is now called "More Mimi".  The stamps are from the "Yield to the Princess" set.

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  1. Really sweet Laine! How sad you never got her back!