Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Just To Cool For School"

This is a card I made from a small paperbag. I used the "Pop Rockz" cardstock and the "Little Friends" stamp set from The Angel Company. What makes me smile are the sunglasses on the CHICK.
A couple of years ago I made over 200 cards to help raise money for the Susan G Komen Foundation so that I could walk in the 3 day 60 mile breast cancer walk. I sent a box of handmade cards to my sister Dana in Medford, Oregon so that she could sell them. As soon as Dana received the cards she called me laughing saying that as soon as she saw the "chick" she thought she was "Just to cool for school." Every time I see this card I chuckle because I actually agree with my sister.
I had been wanting to use the sunglass buttons for a long time and late one night it was as if my brain had put all the pieces of the puzzle together while I slept. I woke up happy and excited and couldn't wait to make my first card. I just knew that the sunglasses were going to be a perfect fit. This chick with sunglasses turned out to be one of my best selling cards. The other one was a cute little pig (from this same stamp set) that had a pearl necklace around her neck. Dana would call me and say - "send more pigs".
It was a busy time for me and I lost a lot of sleep but it was fun, challenging, I was able to walk the 60 miles and finally able to use those sunglasses.

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