Sunday, February 21, 2010

Copic Container

I've had so much going on lately that it's been hard to get into the creative flow.  I needed something quick and easy to put together to see if it would help my creativity to flow again.  I have been keeping my Copic Pens in an old canister so I figured that was the easiest place to start.  It only took 20 minutes to put this project together but it has also sparked the creative flow.  The only thing left to do is face my fear of using the Copic Markers.  I play with them but my inner critique keeps telling me I have a long ways to go before I can post those images.  Anyone else feel that same way??  I am facing that giant today and will post the finished result regardless of what I think of the finished look.  I have a tendency to be way to hard on myself.  Thanks for looking!!



  1. Great redo of a canister and so much prettier on the desk than a plain one!

  2. What a beautiful container!!! I love how pretty it turned out

  3. Great job, I need to follow suit and cover my tin cans and plain containers, I'm sure having this beautiful canister around stirs the creative juices! Thanks for sharing.